Thursday, August 23, 2012

4-bit ALU

This is the beginning of DupinComp. Though I don't quite know all the parts I need or the final design, I'm impatient, so I'm building the ALU before finishing the book. I haven't done any electrical engineering before, and I know very little about electricity, so I'm starting off with a 4-bit ALU. If it ends up not working, or I end up frying anything, then I've wasted less time and money than if I wired the 16-bit ALU I'll eventually need.  Here are all the components I'm using:

3 840 hole breadboards
3 spools of wire (1 green, 1 red, 1 black)
Arduino UNO (power supply)
2 DIP 8 slide switches (CTS 206-8)
4 NAND gates (sn74ls00n)
4 AND gates (sn74ls08n)
1 OR gate (sn74ls32n)
4 MUX gates (sn74hct157n)
1 Full Adder (sn7483n)

*Note: This list may change, if I find I need more parts

Though I planned out what I needed based on a design I had already tested with software, I'm tweaking it a little bit. Once I've written it down in HDL (hardware description language, for those who haven't read the book), I'll probably upload it.


  1. get more colors of wire. red is power, black is ground. you've just one one color for everything else. :(

    1. Yeah, I went looking for some more colors yesterday, but I couldn't find any locally :( Guess I'll just order some online.

  2. Awesome plan (Came here from Reddit). I've often thought about attempting this myself. I am an EE major and just recently finished a digital electronics class. Our final group project was designing a 4-bit control unit with some basic ALU functions. I'm really interested so I've added you to my Google reader feeds. Hope I might be able to throw something in there to help some time.

    1. Great, thanks! I might take you up on that offer :)